Saturday, July 3, 2010

Humility III

God comes to me most frequently in the humble moments of my life. In the early morning and late evening when I take some moments (far too few) for contemplation. In the early evening, when I take a walk around my beloved San Ignatio or on Old Mission grounds (those times are too few, too). Sometimes, more often than not, actually, when I am driving, especially when I am thinking about Him but just as often when I am not, when I am simply trying to drive within the lines, a skill I extrapolated from learning to color within the lines when I was in kindergarten and not one that comes naturally to someone who learned first to drive a tractor in the wide open farm fields.

He comes to me even at meetings when I let my mind focus on Him. I have been blessed with the ability to multi-task although once when I was called upon by my boss's boss to explain something at very important high-level meeting, I had to admit to not being present in his, the boss's moment. I probably could have admitted that I was present, instead, in His moment because that individual had strong faith, but, a coward at the moment, I simply said that I had been "distant" for a moment. The "big boss" could have become angry but instead he laughed and said, "clearly, very distant." Another time I drove this same boss to prayer when he misunderstand something that had happened and truly was angry with me but did not want to show it; he entered the meeting room, sat down, and while everyone waited, prayed himself into calmness. Would that more do the same! Oh, yes, I love it when God attends meetings with me, when I can feel His presence in the room with me, whether I am leading them or attending them. There was even a time that a prayer resulted in intercession in what could have been a very awkward and uncomfortable meeting.

At the proud moments, though, I find God missing. Actually, I don't find God at all in them because I am not looking for Him. I am looking at myself. Those are empty moments. The fulfilling ones are when I look for -- and find -- God right there with me.


  1. Elizabeth,
    I loved this personal sharing! I love hearing that we are God's instruments where ever life presents itself....especially in our work environments. The difference between the 'proud' moments and the 'fulfilling' moments... was good!

    God bless! Have a great week
    Patrina <"))>><

  2. Thanks, Patrina! I hope you had a good Fourth!

  3. Oh yes, at the proud moments we find God missing. How difficult it is for us to become humble, simple, childlike, to throw off the burden of flesh and bones we carry around like a ton of bricks tied around our necks.

  4. Seems like God takes a great deal of delight showing himself to us in our admitted moments of weakness... a bit like coming across a lovely flower almost hidden in the grasses of life.

  5. Yes, indeed, bhojman! What an apt metaphor!