Sunday, January 3, 2016

It is amazing how a few months turned into two years. Not all of it has been a matter of being MIA. Rather, I have had to fight with folks who have hijacked my blogsites, wanting money for me to rescue them, and I would not do that. So, they have stayed dormant until the hijackers gave up -- or at least seem not to be in sight at the moment.

So, I am back, and I look forward to renewing old acquaintances in this new year -- and to learning of your mystical experiences in the intervening time.


  1. This explains why when I tried to open Mahloo Musings I kept being redirected. Hiss and spit.
    I hope you find wonder and joy in the coming year - and thank you for your visit to my blog.

  2. Mahlou Musings still does not work. Still trapped by Neowrox -- says they are holding the site it for sale. Crazy! I suppose with more time they will tire of that game there as they did here. I have a lot of make-up posting to do here -- trying to find the time for that, but simply glad that I have a couple of my blogs back.

    Happy new year (it is new year today on the Gregorian calendar, so I am not too late).